Admission & Open House

Application Schedule

Admission is opening for Thai and International Students, Ph.D. Admission is all year round.

M.S. program, please follow the upcoming updated schedule.

Application Schedule

Application Schedule

M.S. Application Submission: NOW OPEN

Interview Schedule:

Interview invitation will be sent via applicants's email
Acceptance Notification: Within 2-3 week after interview dates by applicant’s e-mail
Intensive Course: June
First Semester Start : July

Required Documents for Applying M.S. & Ph.D.

M.S.  Required Documents

  • Bachelor Transcript (English Version) with GPA ≥ 2.5
  • English score sheet with CUTEP ≥ 55 or TOEFL(iBT)  ≥ 32 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 450 or IELTS ≥ 4.5
  • 1 Page Statement of Purpose (1 page  A4 in English)
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (from Professor, Institute’s or Company’s References)Download  here (Separately submit to email:

Ph.D.  Required Documents

  • Bachelor & Master Transcript (English Version) with M.S. GPA ≥ 3.25
  • English score sheet with CUTEP ≥ 65 or TOEFL(iBT)  ≥ 46 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 500 or IELTS ≥ 5.5
  • 1 Page Statement of Purpose (1 page  A4 in English)
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (from Professor, Institute’s or Company’s References)  Download  here (Separately submit to email:
  • Cover Ph.D. Application Form Download Here   (Separately submit to email:

Application Process

Start Online Submission (Thai Applicant)

Prepairing required documents and apply here

Remarks :

-For applicants who submitted application online, there is no need to send the hard-copy by post.

-For international applicants, please contact the international officer (Mr. Prasit) prior applying PPC at email: or

Interview Schedule Announcement

Interview schedule notification will be sent to applicants’s email.

Remarks : No written exam.
Interview exam only (the applicants need to prepare themselves for the interview in Thai and English).

Application Fee Payment

Make a direct deposit or online mobile banking of 500 THB, then upload the evidence of payment in the last page of application form. 

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) 
Account name : The Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn university
Account number : 038-435-4545

Interviewing Process

Applicants will be interviewed in schedule time-slot provided, managed by Academic Affairs.

Submit Recommendation Letter

2 Letters of Recommendation (from Professor, Institute’s or Company’s References)

Download template here

RemarksPlease inform 2 professors to submit in PDF file privately and directly to e-mail: or seal the recommendation in letter and send by post to the PPC’s postal address.

Student Acceptance

Interview result will be informed to the applicant’s email within 2-3 weeks.

RemarksResult included; study program, scholarship and etc..

You  can see the “New Student” to do lists by Click here

Student Enrollment based on

  • Academic Records
  • English Competency
  • Students’ Activities
  • Professional Success (for those from Companies)
  • Motivation (Statement of Purpose)
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Recommendation Letter

Contact Person

Ms. Namon Monnawat (for Thai applicant & PPC scholarship)
Academic Affairs: E-mail:
Mr. Prasit Srikeaw (for international applicant & ASEAN scholarship)
International Affairs: E-mail: Telephone: 02-218-4110
Mr. Suwichan Thongtam (In case of problem with Application link)
IT Officer: E-mail: Telephone: 02-218-4122

PPC Postal Address;

254 The Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn University

8th Floor, Academic Affairs 

Soi Chula 12, Wangmai, Pathumwan

Bangkok, 10330


How can I know the interview result and how long it will take?

The interview result will be sent to the applicants’s email in approximately 2-3 weeks. Depending on the applicant’s qualification, the result informs about the conditions the PPC offers related to the scholarship, the accepted program, etc.

Can I change my program after get the interview result?

Yes, of course. During interviewing, the committee will figure out whether the selected program is matching with your background, purpose, interest, etc. so that studying at PPC leads to your most benefits.

How can I get the M.S. full scholarship

The full scholarships are very special and limited. The applicants with the significant records, excellent English proficiency along with the best interview results normally are in the list of full scholarship. Apart from the full scholarship, the partial ones are also for the applicants with relatively high performances. So if you are confident with excellent scores, just develop your English skill and prepare yourself for the best interview so that you won’t miss the scholarship.

Which type of English score and requirement that accepted by PPC ?

We accept CUTEP or TOEFL(iBT) or TOEFL (ITP) and IELTS only.

Requirement for M.S.;
-Admission English score: CUTEP ≥ 55 or TOEFL(iBT) ≥ 36 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 450 or IELTS ≥ 4.5
-Graduate English score CUTEP ≥ 65 or TOEFL(iBT) ≥ 46 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 500 or IELTS ≥ 5.5

Requirement for Ph.D.;
-Admission English score CUTEP ≥ 65 or TOEFL(iBT) ≥ 46 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 500 or IELTS ≥ 5.5
-Graduate English score: CUTEP ≥ 80 or TOEFL(iBT) ≥ 79 or TOEFL (ITP) ≥ 550 or IELTS ≥ 6.5

What if I don't have English score?

In fact, it is a must that the applicants submit all documents with English score. If it happens that you haven’t had it yet, you have to do your best in the English interview. Your interview result will be on condition that you submit the English score with the mimimal requirement to the PPC in time.

What are the differences between Petroleum and Energy (PLE) Program and Petrochemical Technology (PC) Program?

PLE of PPC is very unique program, unlike other similar programs. The courses involve knowledge about fluids and gas; renewable energy resources; technologies from petroleum production to energy products and process simulation. This program may require programming skill.

PC course is basically Chemical engineering emphasized on petrochemicals process development and pilot plant scale-up. Basically good mathematical or problem solving skill is needed.

Is there any chances to go abroad during study?

Yes, the PPC offers all students to join oversea conference during the study time. Apart from this, each Faculty member has his/her own project that likely links with other Professors in foreign countries. So there are several chances for short term research abroad.