Message from Students

Siravich Junthong (สิรวิชญ์ จันทร์ทอง) -Tan

M.S. Petrochemical Technology Program, PPC 30th Year Scholarship

“Education nowadays at the Bachelor level is not enough, our world has developed with many new technological and innovations, Therefore, learning at a higher level will help build on the previous knowledge. To be able to be creative and invent new innovations or country development

I admit that I was very excited on the admission interview date, but after actually interviewing, the professors who interviewed us were very friendly. So don’t worry, just be yourself. and really show our passion to them

Studying here is different from other places. We study in module (study 1 course per month) which has the advantage that we will be fully focused on the course, allowing us to understand the course very well. Some course might be difficult, but it is another challenge before actually working in real life.


For the future work I intend to be an engineer in the petrochemical industry, I’m confident that PPC is ready to awaken me to reach the goal”

Rateeya Saikeaw (รฒียา ทรายแก้ว) -Pom

Ph.D. Polymer Science Program, DPST Scholarship

“During my master and doctoral degrees at PPC, I got a chance to be a visiting student at Case Western Reserve University, USA with Prof. Rigoberto C. Advincula, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering for 3 months and spent a year at Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland with Prof.Christoph Weder, Polymer Chemistry and Materials group. My exposure to different famous research groups has improved not only my scientific analytical skills but my communication skills as well. 

In addition, my academic background gained from PPC has refined my skills on different polymer synthesis and many characterization techniques, which could further nucleate a new collaboration between many research groups to build up strong interdisciplinary knowledge”

Pha-sita Plengplung (ภาสิตา เปล่งปลั่ง) -May

Ph.D. Polymer Science Program, TGIST Scholarship

“Learned something new that was never known before, such as research topics that are very advance, which is very chalenge to me. This makes me feel very enjoy studying here and pursue to the Ph.D. finally.

It’s great opportunity to receive Ph.D. TGIST scholarship which is co-lab with NSTDA researchers, also PPC has a good connection with industrials, in additions, my M.S. friends who graduated here at that time got a job at many big companies”

Chatrawee Direksilp (ฉัตรระวี ดิเรกศิลป์) -Cookcoo

Ph.D.  Polymer Science Program, PETROMAT Scholarship

“Knowledge, skills, experiences, and languages are important for a future career. All of these factors convinced me to pursue a doctoral degree at PPC.

It is one of the most famous institutes in Southeast Asia in Material Science which I’m interested in. They have many proficient lecturers in various subject areas. They provided a number of modern scientific instruments which are sufficient for doing research.

Importantly, we study in an international program here. We can discuss with a foreigner lecturer from our co-university and an international student.  Thus, I can improve an English skill which is the most important to get a great opportunity for the future career”

Phanicha Wiwatsamphan (ภาณิชา วิวัฒน์สัมพันธ์) -Mo

Ph.D. Polymer Science Program, TRF Scholarship

“I decided to be part of the Master’s and Ph.D degree here because there are many top calibre professors and collaborative researches from well-known universities. PPC gave me a lot of opportunities to do things such as taking interesting classes and seminar with professors from abroad, participating in a well-known conference like the ICAPPP 2018, and etc.

I’m confident that when I graduate from PPC, I can become a capable researcher with the ability to collaborate with other researchers around the world. Also I will have the opportunity to get a job in a top company”