Best Academic Program

  • Academic Partnership Program with University of Michigan, University of Oklahoma, Case Western Reserve University and Institut français du pétrole, Curriculum focusing on Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Polymers
  • M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Endorsed by Partnership Universities
  • Courses Run in English
  • M.S. 2 Years Graduate
  • Field Trips to related Industries
  • Courses Co-teaching by Foreign Professors and Thai Professors

Best Research Program

  • Fully Equipped with Advanced Research Facilities
  • Easy Access Instruments
  • Collaborative Research with National and International Organizations
  • Lively Research Atmosphere
  • Industrial Linkage Research

Best Opportunities

  • Short Term Research Abroad (USA, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea, etc)
  • Local and International Conferences Participation
  • Scholarship for Significant Students
  • Study with Famous Professors from Around the World
  • Member of Leading Research Group in the Country
  • Publishing Articles in World class International Journals
  • Job Opportunity in Leading Companies
  • Job Fair on Site

Best Professor Team

  • The Highest Ratio (in Thailand) of Full Professors to Total Teaching Staff
  • National and International Recognition and Awards