The 28th PPC Symposium on Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Polymers
and The 13th Research Symposium on Petrochemical and Materials Technology

at The Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
Thursday, JUNE 23, 2022

  8.00–8.20     Registration (via ZOOM)   https://chula.zoom.us/j/95969316915?pwd=cm5STEZhb1R6RnBqZDQ5TTNBSnhmdz09
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  PART 1
8.20–8.30 Introduction and Welcome Remarks
Prof. Pramoch Rangsunvigit
Dean, The Petroleum and Petrochemical College

Prof. Hathaikarn Manuspiya
Director, Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology

Mr. Surachate Chalothorn
President of the Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE)

8.30–8.40 Opening Remarks
Prof. Bundhit Eua-arporn
President, Chulalongkorn University
8:40-8:50 Sponsorship Recognition and Group Photograph ONLINE
8.50–09.35 Plenary Speaker 1 

“Outlook for Energy: A Perspective to 2050”
Mr. Chatchawarn Hongcharoenthai
Thailand Fuels Operations Manager
ESSO (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Chair: Asst. Prof. Piya Ouraipryvan
9.35–10.20 Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE) Forum

“Digital Technology for Smart Industry”


Mr. Pongsatorn Naksuth
Senior Officer, Digital Intelligence Strategy and Policy Department (DEPA)

Mr. Thanasan Tangchaksuwan,
Senior Process Engineer, Upstream Process Technology, PTT GC

Mr. Siricharn Jirapongphan
Chief Process Technology, Olefins and Operations Technology, SCG

Moderator: Prof. Pitt Supaphol
The Petroleum and Petrochemical College (PPC)
10.20–10.30 Break / Booth Advertisements   
  Virtual Room PETROMAT
Virtual Room Oral 1 Chair: …… Session: Biorefinery and Bio-derived platforms, and Catalysis (BBC) Virtual Room Oral 2 Chair: …… Session: Renewable Energy, Energy generation & Storage, and Process simulation (REP) Virtual Room Oral 3 Chair: …… Session: Biomaterials, Bioplastics, and Green Plastics (BBG) Virtual Room Oral 4 Chair: …… Session: Advanced and Functional Materials and Polymer Processing (APP) Virtual Room Oral 5 Chair: …… Session: Adaptive Surfactants, Surface Chemistry, Separation, and Colloids (ASS) Virtual Room Oral 6 Chair: …… Session: Decarbonization Technology, Sustainability, and Circular economy (DSC) Session: Conductive materials (CM) (Poster)
Chair: …….
Meeting ID: 968 7335 9241
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Meeting ID: 959 6931 6915
Password: 898739
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(PPC building 3rd floor, room 309)
10.30–11.15 PETROMAT Session

“Carbon Credit in Organization for Sustainability”

Mr. Sarayuth Saengchan
Vice President, Mitr Phol Sugar Corp.

Oral REPO-4

“Optimization of NaOH Pretreatment of Water Hyacinth by Response Surface Methodology”
Mr. Piyawat Chunhanoprarit, PPC

Session BBG

Keynote Speaker 3

“Applying organic chemistry to prepare thermoresponsive starch-based hydrogel and additive for increasing gas permeability of PLA film”
Dr. Sorapat Niyomsin, PPC

Session APP

Keynote Speaker 4

“Enhancement of the hydrophobic nature of natural rubber latex (NRL) films using diatomaceous earth”
Dr. M.A. Madhubhashini Maddumaarachchi,
Department of Polymer Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri lanka

Session ASS

Keynote Speaker 5

“Development of Easily Collectable Zeolitic Adsorbents for Wastewater Treatment”
Prof. Takeshi Hagio, Nagoya University

Session DSC

Keynote Speaker 6

“Long term and stable CO2 hydrate based storage (CO2-HyStore)”
Prof. Praveen Linga, NUS

11.15–11.30 Oral BBCO-1

“Synthesis and characteristics of Cu/SBA-15 and Cu/MCF-Si as potential catalysts for methanol synthesis”

Ms. Sirimas Suelueam, CECC
Oral REPO-1

“Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Surface for Lithium-ion Batteries: Passive Layer Formation”

Mr. Wanasan Hamala, PPC
Oral BBGO-2

“Formation of amorphous cellulose/zinc oxide composite by partial dissolution of cellulose substrate through zinc chloride treatment at room temperature”

Mr. Bundit Siriphonwuttichai, CU
Oral APPO-1

“Effect of PLA-PBAT compatibility and CNT content on the properties of PLA/PBAT/CNT composites”

Mr. Nattanan Wiriyamontree, SU
Oral ASSO-1

“Fouling Release Film of Polydimethylsiloxane and Polyurethane Blend for Antifouling in Marine Application ”

Ms. Jirasuta Chungprempree, PPC
Oral DSCO-1

“Physical properties and absorption capacity of AMP-PZ-TEA solvent for post-combustion carbon capture”

Ms. Watsawan Theparayangkul, CU
CMP-1 (onsite)
CMP-2 (onsite)
11.30–11.45 Oral BBCO-3

“(Ni/Al2O3)@SiO2 core-shell catalyst for dry reforming of methane”

Ms. Sameera Klaeokasikam, CU
Oral REPO-2

“Effect of Cobalt Boride Loading on Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheet in Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation”

Mr. Chayathorn Prapaitrakool, PPC
Oral BBCO-6

“Cyclization of arabitol for value added sugar alcohol: An approach to design and synthesize the novel bio-based building block for biopolyester”

Mr. Tawiwat Kunthong, PPC
Oral APPO-2

“Curing Behaviors of Silicone- Modified Phenolic Resin Using Sodium Carbonate as Accelerator”

Ms. Noraganok Kamsa-nguan, CU
Oral ASSO-2

“Investigation of Foam Flooding using Surfactant-Nanoparticle System for Improving the Oil Recovery”

Dr. Pattamas, PPC (AC, US)
Oral DSCO-2

“Depolymerization of Polyethylene Terephthalate via Ethanolysis using CaO catalyst”

Dr. Palawat Unruean, PPC
CMP-3 (onsite)
CMP-4 (onsite)
11.45–12.00 Oral BBCO-5

“Conversion of Glycerol into Propanediols Using Physically mixed HUSY Zeolite and CuMgAl Mixed Oxide Catalysts”

Mr. Wongsakorn Khammee, CU

Oral REPO-3

“Structural and Dynamical Properties of Ions in Nonaqueous Electrolyte for Zinc-Ion Batteries”

Ms. Waranya Charawong, CU
Oral BBCO-6

“Cyclization of arabitol for value added sugar alcohol: An approach to design and synthesize the novel bio-based building block for biopolyester”

Mr. Tawiwat Kunthong, PPC
Oral BBCO-2

“Dry Reforming of Methane over Nickel Catalyst on Silica Fiber Support under Plasma System”

Ms. Arisa Thamaporn, CU
Oral ASSO-3

“Modeling of Anionic and Nonionic Surfactant Adsorption on Silica Surface using Deep Learning and Quantum Chemistry (COSMO)”

Mr. Achmad Anggawirya Alimin, PPC
Oral BBCO-4

“Hydrotreating of Waste Cooking Oil to Biofuel over Unsupported and Supported Ni-Mo Catalysts”

Mr. Dechpol Prangklang, CU
CMP-5 (onsite)
12.00–13.00 Lunch Break 
PART 3  

Plenary Speaker 2

“Advanced Extruder based on the Physical Degradation & Physical Regeneration Theory”

Prof. Dr. Shigeru Yao
Department of Chemical Engineering, Fukuoka University

Chair: Asst. Prof. Manit Nithitanakul
Meeting ID: 940 1620 0516
Password: 415375
14.15-15.00 Plenary Speaker 3

“BIG Net Zero in Action How Climate Technology Contributes for Sustainability”

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen
Managing Director, Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.

Chair: Prof. Pitt Supapol
Meeting ID: 934 6095 2157
Password: 681242
15.00-17.00 Poster Presentation & Evaluation
  Session BBC Posters Session REP Posters Session BBG Posters Session APP Posters Session ASS Posters Session DSC Posters
Time BBCP Chair (tentative):

Dr. Palawat Unruean
Dr. Salina Jantarang

https://chula.zoom.us/j/93525381954?pwd=UDBmT3AvM3lQOFB4R010TExCQno1UT09 Meeting ID: 935 2538 1954
Password: 990533

REPP/APPP Chair (tentative):

Dr. Pisitpong Intarapong
Dr. Artita Na Rungsi

Meeting ID: 987 8382 2786
Password: 485939

BBGP/APPP Chair (tentative):

Dr. Pakakrong Sangsanoh
Dr. Katesara Phasuksom

Meeting ID: 938 3200 5041
Password: 396245

ASSP/DSCP Chair (tentative):

Dr. Pattamas Rattanaudom
Dr. Jitima  Preechawong

Meeting ID: 923 9285 9930
Password: 739725

15.00-15.10 BBCP-1 (onsite) BBGP-2 (onsite) ASSP-3 (online)
15.10-15.20 BBCP-2 (onsite) REPP-2 (online) BBGP-3 (onsite) ASSP-4 (online)
15.20-15.30 REPP-8 (online) BBGP-4 (onsite) ASSP-1 (onsite)
15.30-15.40 BBCP-4 (onsite) REPP-3 (onsite) BBGP-5 (onsite) ASSP-5 (onsite)
15.40-15.50 BBCP-5 (onsite) REPP-4 (onsite) BBGP-6 (onsite) ASSP-6 (onsite)
15.50-16.00 BBCP-6 (onsite) REPP-5 (onsite) BBGP-8 (onsite) ASSP-7 (onsite)
16.00-16.10 BBCP-7 (onsite) REPP-6 (onsite) BBGP-1 (online) ASSP-8 (onsite)
16.10-16.20 BBCP-8 (onsite) REPP-10 (onsite) BBGP-7 (online) DSCP1 (onsite)
16.20-16.30 BBCP-9 (onsite) APPP-1 (onsite) APPP-5 (online) DSCP-3 (onsite)
16.30-16.40 BBCP-10 (onsite) APPP-2 (onsite) APPP-6 (online) DSCP-2 (online)
16.40-16.50 BBGP-9 (onsite) APPP-3 (onsite) APPP-7 (onsite) REPP-7 (online)
16.50-17.00 BBGP-10 (onsite) APPP-4 (onsite) APPP-8 (onsite) REPP-9 (online)
17.00-17.10 DSCP-4 (onsite)