A Virtual Conference where Academic is Beyond the Pandemic

The PPC-Symposium is an annual academic meeting organized by the Petroleum and Petrochemical College (PPC) since 1994 to show the research achievements of the students as part of the fulfilment to graduate from the PPC program in academic partnership with Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Michigan University (UM), and Oklahoma University (OU), and the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP). Later on, the joining of PETROMAT consortium members to be PPC-PETROMAT Symposium in 2009 has fulfilled the stage to be the petrochemical meeting place of the country.
The sudden pandemic from the beginning of the year has obstructed almost all activities to all people in the world. There’s no need to mention how the PPC students seriously faced the difficulties to carry out their research project for several months. From the good side of this, the PPC is proud of the students and their advisors as they finally reached the goal no matter what limitations they were in. In fact, the PPC-PETROMAT Symposium is also the case. But for the sake of the technology advancement, we will witness together a full day of Virtual Conference.
In the middle of COVID-19, the Virtual PPC-PETROMAT Symposium is ready to welcome 4 Plenary Speakers from academia and industries, i.e. Prof. Johannes W. Schwank (The University of Michigan, USA), and Prof. Christoph Weder (The University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Khun Phongsthorn Thavisin (President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Exploration and Production Public Co., Ltd.), and Dr. Suracha Udomsak (Vice President and CTO – Innovation and Technology,SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd.), as well as the keynotes and the general presenters in the sessions.
I would like to invite all of the participants to join the Virtual Poster sessions where 102 posters are filled with. The students are ready to show the success story and look forward to the questions and comments.
Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Gold Sponsors; i.e. Verasuwan Company Limited, and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company (PTTEP) Limited, and the Silver Sponsors, i.e. IRPC Public Company Limited, SCG Chemicals Company Limited, Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, and PTTGC Public Company Limited. My appreciation also go to the Instrument Companies, i.e. Bruker Biospin AG, COAX Group Corporation Limited, Anton Parr, and Sitthiporn Associates, who will kindly organize the online instrumentation courses and webminars after the conference day.
A full day packed with lectures, presentations, and the follow-up online webminars are the proofs that PPC-PETROMAT Symposium 2020 is beyond the pandemic.

Welcome Message : Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology (PETROMAT)


It is my pleasure to welcome you to PPC and PETROMAT Symposium 2020. Now we are stepping into the eleventh year that the Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology or PETROMAT has jointly organized with The Petroleum and Petrochemical College (PPC).

PETROMAT was established in 1999 by The Ministry of University Affairs (which is now The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation) to facilitate the link between academic and industry research and development and to strengthen expertise of its researchers and research assistants. PETROMAT has a pool of more than 200 researchers from eight departments/colleges from four universities, Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, Silpakorn University, and Suranaree University of Technology.

Currently, PETROMAT has four specialized research programs, High Performance and Smart Materials, Sustainable Petrochemicals, Materials for Future Energy, and Green Petrochemical Industries. The four research programs act as technology platforms with a total of 140 faculty members, 52 post-docs, 11 industrial post-docs, 64 Ph.D. and 362 M.S. research assistants since its inception. The programs have contributed 15 inventions, 7 prototypes, and 605 international peer reviewed journals. PETROMAT has also initiated and facilitated more than 88 collaborative research and development projects with large and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, PETROMAT has worked from home like millions of people around the world. However, our staff members still continue regular work and establish new collaborations with both national and international partnership. Moreover, PETROMAT has granted fund to produce “Ultra We: UV Sterilizer Box” and filtration pack with anti-viral for hospitals. “Ultra We: UV Sterilizer Box” can effectively disinfect germs from various items, such as face masks and tools according to AS 1807.23-2000 standards.
This year, PETROMAT is proud to present a number of research works completed by its researchers via online symposium. In addition, PETROMAT is honored to have Dr.Kitipong Promwong (President of Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council), Dr.Kriengsak Wongpromratt (Vice President Downstream Market Development, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited), and Assoc. Prof. Hathaikarn Manuspiya (Deputy Director of PETROMAT) for a panel discussion in the topic of “New Normal…New R&D”, which is very timely to address opportunities and challenges in this unprecedented time.

On behalf of the PETROMAT, I hope you will enjoy the online symposium and no COVID-20 in the future.