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    Welcome to TOP-PPC CaTES
    TOP-PPC Catalyst Evaluation Services


Since 2010, Thai Oil Public Company Limited (TOP) has been collaborating with The Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University (PPC) to develop the pilot units for catalyst testing and continuously improve the catalyst evaluation program especially for hydrotreating catalysts.

We are now ready to share our expertise by offering the catalyst evaluation service to the Thai and regional petroleum and petrochemical industries. Two types of pilot units are available. Firstly, hydrotreating pilot units are for evaluating the performance of hydrotreating catalysts. Secondly, light hydrocarbons pilot unit offers ability to perform various reactions; for examples, alkylation, isomerization, aromatization and so forth, using light hydrocarbon feeds.

Outstanding features of the pilot units


  • In-house design & installation
  • Versatile applications to have ability to modify as needed
  • Inter-laboratory benchmarked with world-class pilot facility
  • Online monitoring & alarm message to ensure Safe & Reliable operation
  • Back-up power supply

Hydrotreating Pilot Units

Start of run (SOR) temperature at targeted sulfur (ºC)

Catalyst deactivation rate (ºC/month)

Mass balance

Hydrocarbon yields (C1 – C20, C20+)

H2 consumption

Light Hydrocarbons Pilot Unit

Having multiple liquid feeds (Two liquid feeds)

Having multiple gas feeds (Two gas feeds)

Having options to operate two reactors either in series or parallel

Having two options of product collection

Our Team

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TOP-PPC R&D Collaboration Unit; 6th floor, CU Research Building.

(+66) 22143640

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