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I do not think that all fake Rolex is a bad investment. I would never recommend an air force or something like that, but a Yachtmaster Rolex replica is a good choice. I myself am not a fan of Rolex, but they make quality replica watches and as far as their investment potential is concerned, they are a solid choice.

A detailed comparison of these two sports luxurious Rolex replica watches

The Yachtmaster II and Yachtmaster 40mm are both great sports fake watches, especially for professional sailors and yacht drivers. They are both stylish and sporty at the same time. But what are the main differences and what makes these two replica watches special in their own way? View a detailed description of the differences below.

Let's take a look at one of the newest and most talked about Rolex Yachtmaster replica watches, the 116655. This watch is a special watch for various reasons. Namely, this is a historic milestone for Rolex because it is the first Rolex watch ever to use a rubber strap. Most people would not keep an eye on the idea of a Rolex with a rubber band, so why bother yourself? This is not a typical rubber belt. Rolex replica is enthusiastic about this new rubber Oysterflex bracelet that is not only very comfortable to wear but also hypoallergenic.


The Rolex Yacht-Master replica watch

The Yacht-Master replica was first released as part of the Professional series of the brand with the Ref. 16628. It features a 3135 caliber white dial, moderate 40mm case, triblock crown, and water resistance up to 100 meters. Plus, it was only available in 18-carat yellow gold. Two years later fake Rolex created a slightly smaller version with a 35 mm housing, the Ref. 68628, as well as a ladies version with a 29 mm case, the Ref. 69628. It was not until 1999 that fake Rolex made its first big change in the design of the replica watch. That year they unveiled a unique stainless steel and platinum variant, a combination called Rolesium.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II replica watch

The Yacht-Master II fake is a completely modernized version of the original. It came for the first time in two variants: the Ref. 11668 in yellow gold and the Ref. 116689 in white gold. Only a year later, in 2011, Rolex debuted a third version of the replica watch, the Ref. 116681 in stainless steel and rose gold. Then in 2013, they released a completely stainless steel variant of the model, the Ref. 116680.

Same but different
Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 16628

What was created was apparently a Submariner in a chic color. It was only released in 1992 and was promoted as a luxurious watch with a nautical theme - too beautiful to use as a tool for underwater adventures, but perfect to combine with a polished teak deck or the tasteful design of the yacht club.

It was also the first completely new replica watch that came from the Geneva base in almost 30 years. The last one was the Daytona in 1964.

Of course we play here a bit fast and loosely with the term 'completely new'. When the ref. 16628 was revealed, the blatant resemblance to his diving cousin did not fool anyone, but it nevertheless turned out to be a triumph.

In a textbook of 'if-it-ain't-brak' Rolex only made a handful distinction between the two. Only initially available in 18-carat gold, it had softer, rounded lines that better suited its privileged environment. Because it is perfectly satisfied with 100 meters of water resistance instead of 300 meters, it can also have a flatter rear, making it more comfortable all day, and the solid gold ring is bidirectional and loses much of its usefulness as an underwater timer.

Beyond that, the division of the dial and hands were identical to those of the Sub and the pair even shared the same caliber, the Cal. 3135.

Both the Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II are excellent luxury replica watches from Rolex, but in terms of functionality and appearance, the two timepieces should not be further apart. One watch sticks to the traditional form and function of the classic fake Rolex sports watch, while the other is a completely new approach to the regatta chronograph, in contrast to everything that Rolex has ever put forward. Because of how different they are, no timepiece can be "better" than the other; and instead the Yacht-Master line benefits as a whole from the diversity of the different watches that make up the collection.