iThesis Guideline for PPC Student & Advisor

iThesis Short Summary Guideline for PPC Student and Advisor


              Thesis is recommended to be written in Microsoft Word (.docx only) which can be install “iThesis Add-in” for Generate template to be eligible to “Save to Cloud” to the iThesis system



             Thesis to be approved by advisor
Once students submit the Thesis Proposal or Draft Thesis or Complete Thesis  or changing the Thesis Topic, the system will send an automatic email to the advisor for approve.


          The important steps that students will start using the iThesis system are as follows;

           Advisor need to provide the thesis approval results with 3 options as follows;

  • Approve 
  • Disapprove (Review) – advisor may have comments for the students to go back and edit further and advisor can attach the files that has corrected back to the students
  • Disapprove (Reject) –By refusing the thesis topic or not being a thesis advisor or other reasons that can be written further
  • Start using iThesis Add-in by get “Activate key” from Web Portal (log in by CU student internet account) at
  • Then select “Setting” and copy  “Activate key” to paste at iThesis activate window to active the key.(Click here for tutorial)
  • The Academic Affairs will notice the thesis topic or topic that changed after the advisor approves with an automatic email notification
  • Advisee continue writing thesis in Microsoft word and click “Saves to Cloud” to the iThesis system. This step is called “Draft Thesis” and advisee must submit Draft Thesis to the advisor in order to get permission to take an Oral Examination (M.S.) or Final Defense Examination (Ph.D.)
  • Check student information in the “Basic Information” submenu. If the information is incorrect please contact the Academic Affairs as soon as possible
  • After pass Oral Exam (M.S.) or Final Defense (Ph.D.), advisee need to revise thesis according to the instruction of the advisor/committees, then submit the “Complete Thesis” in iThesis system prior the PPC Graduation Package submission deadline
  • Input student’s telephone number, e-mail, biography at “Contact Information” submenu
  • Input Thesis Topic which is the same as Thesis Proposal that student submitted
  • Input advisor name, co-advisor (if any), internal committee, external committee, advisor’s telephone number at “Committee & Examiner” submenu
  • Advisor is required to take action in iThesis system every step by click Approve or Disapprove/comments
  • Using iThesis Add-in in Microsoft Word by Login –> Generate Template –> Write thesis –> Click Save to Cloud
  • Click submit Thesis Proposal or Draft Thesis or Complete Thesis at “Revision & Approval” menu (student can attach the Thesis file and other relate files here) to advisor

|For Ph.D. student

Set up and install iThesis Add-in in Microsoft Word as same as M.S. step, but Ph.D. student is required to pass the Preliminary Examination prior submit thesis by using iThesis .

  • Final step for student, after pass the Oral/Final Exam, download complete thesis in PDF version then generate by specific link for “PPC Cover Page” version at: 
  • 1 page of Graphical Abstract (pdf–free style design) should be attached next to PPC Cover Page
  • Cut/copy bar-code from complete thesis then paste to PPC Cover Page and Graphical Abstract


1. Using Microsoft word with .docx only. Otherwise it will not be able to “Save to the Cloud” and send it to the advisor

2. Thesis submission status on the first page of Web Portal will appear “green bar/icon” when the system receives approval from both advisors and Academic Affairs

iThesis & Knowledge Base | Short Manual Click Here

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  2. How to Use i-Thesis
  3. Tutorial Quick Start
  4. Student Manual
  5. Advisor Manual
  6. Librarian Manual
  7. How to use Endnote
  8. Getting Start with Mendeley

iThesis WorkFlow

Remark: In case of Chula iThesis system crashes/failed, especially during important periods Students need to be aware of this technical problem, please always back up the Thesis files with PPC offline template. So student will not lose any chances to finish your work and graduation.

 Download template/form page for M.S. :

Download template/form page for Ph.D. :